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Quintero brothers,
photograph by Kaulak

Serafín Álvarez Quintero (March 26, 1871 – April 12, 1938) and Joaquín Álvarez Quintero (January 20, 1873 – June 14, 1944) were Spanish dramatists.

Lives and career[edit]

Born in Utrera, Seville Province, they wrote almost 200 plays which won Los hermanos Quintero (Spanish language: Quintero brothers) fame as the Golden Boys of the Madrid theatre. Their first stage piece, Gilito, was written in 1889. Other works include El buena sombra (1898), El traje de luces and La patria chica (1907), El patinillo (1909), Becquerina and Diana cazadora (1915).

They were also famous for having tried to transcribe Andalusian dialects to written form.

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