Akitaro Daichi

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Akitaro Daichi
大地 丙太郎
Born (1956-01-13) January 13, 1956 (age 66)
OccupationAnime director, producer, photography director
WebsiteDaichi's homepage

Akitaro Daichi (大地 丙太郎, Daichi Akitarō, born January 13, 1956) is an anime director, producer and photography director.


Daichi is a native of Gunma Prefecture and a graduate of Tokyo Polytechnic University. He originally aspired to be a stage photographer, but entered the employ of Tokyo Animation Film, an anime photography company. His first work in the industry was as photography director for the Doraemon movie History of Nobita's Outer Space Trailblazing (ドラえもん のび太の宇宙開拓史). After five years, Daichi changed jobs and worked for a video production company making karaoke videos among other things, but he later returned to the anime industry and focused on direction. In 1994, he attracted attention for his storyboard work on Akazukin Chacha, and in 1995 he made his debut as a series director on Nurse Angel Ririka SOS.

Sexual harassment allegations[edit]

In 2018 and 2019, voice actress Hiroko Konishi alleged that she was propositioned by her manager to enter a mixed bath with Daichi in the nude and was blacklisted from the voice acting industry when she refused.[1][2]

Works (as director)[edit]


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